Thing No 8: Mind mapping and brainstorming tools

Some interesting tools here – could Padlet be used at a brainstorming day instead of the method people often use of sticky notes on a wall? I liked Coggle as a way of organising anything at all – life!


Thing No 6:Managing your online research networks

Most of these networks are not something I’d use in my working life but I can see the benefit for someone trying to get their research profile out there – I liked this comment: Find your audience where they naturally occur.


Thing No 5: Social media for researchers

I read Tim Hitchcock’s article: Twitter and blogs are not add-ons to academic research, but a simple reflection of the passion that underpins it. I like the way he talks about the use of Social media by researchers as a reflection of their passion for their subject area, and as a collaboration tool.

By building blogging, Twitter, flickr, and shared libraries in Zotero, in to our research programmes – into the way we work anyway – we both get more research done, and build a community of engaged readers for the work itself.  We can do what we have always done, but do it better; as a public performance, in dialogue amongst ourselves, and with a wider public.

The best (and most successful) academics  are the ones who are so caught up in the importance of their work, so caught up with their simple passion for a subject, that they publicise it with every breath. Twitter and blogs, and embarrassingly enthusiastic drunken conversations at parties, are not add-ons to academic research, but a simple reflection of the passion that underpins it.

I joined Facebook and Twitter I think as part of a Web 2.0 exercise a few years ago, and even though I find them annoying at times I like the way breaking news appears there first and you get immediate updates on all sorts of topics.


Thing No 4: File sharing

I hadn’t come across Cloudstor+ before and was very impressed at the amount of free storage available there – I’ve passed that info on to my partner who works at a university, does research and hadn’t heard of Cloudstor+ either. I’ve used Dropbox at another workplace and also to share videos and photos with friends. Another personal file sharing service I’ve used is Wetransfer You can transfer up to 2 GB free, good for photos or video clips and the receiver doesn’t need an account to open them.


Thing No 3: Collaboration tools

I’ve used both Powerpoint and Prezi for presentations in the past, but the key difference here is this one: being web-based, multiple people can log in to Prezi at the same time. Things have moved on since the early days using Powerpoint when we were excited by it’s ‘special effects’ – text dissolving and flashing in and out, didn’t take long to realise the message needs to be clear and simple without too many distractions!


Thing No 2: Organisation and productivity tools

Given the popularity of Evernote from ACU people’s comments (it’s handy being way behind in these tasks as you can benefit from other people’s opinions!) I’ve signed up with Evernote and have worked out how to use the Web clipping tool, it’s great!


Thing No. 1: Blogging your research

I’m only just starting this 23 Research things adventure so have lots of catching up to do…my main experience of blogging was to create a personal blog on to share experiences of a 6 month trip in Europe which involved bike riding from one end of the Danube river to the other. The blog is still online so it’s a semi permanent record which I’ll turn into a physical photo book sometime…interesting to see the longevity of a blog and whether it ever disappears from cyberspace.
The blog was a great way of keeping in touch with lots of people, comments were instant and sharing photos was easy up to a certain size limit. WordPress was a clean straightforward tool to use. Regarding privacy a couple of comments arrived from people who weren’t given the URL so I assumed that those people found the blog by googling a relevant keyword, as administrator I could block the comments before they were public anyway.