Thing No. 1: Blogging your research

I’m only just starting this 23 Research things adventure so have lots of catching up to do…my main experience of blogging was to create a personal blog on to share experiences of a 6 month trip in Europe which involved bike riding from one end of the Danube river to the other. The blog is still online so it’s a semi permanent record which I’ll turn into a physical photo book sometime…interesting to see the longevity of a blog and whether it ever disappears from cyberspace.
The blog was a great way of keeping in touch with lots of people, comments were instant and sharing photos was easy up to a certain size limit. WordPress was a clean straightforward tool to use. Regarding privacy a couple of comments arrived from people who weren’t given the URL so I assumed that those people found the blog by googling a relevant keyword, as administrator I could block the comments before they were public anyway.



One thought on “Thing No. 1: Blogging your research

  1. Thanks for your blog! I am so sorry that it has taken me so long to comment…I had a quick look earlier but never got back to it. I really do apologise.
    Yes- there is a certain thrill in being able to so easily create a blog isn’t here?
    I enjoyed your travel blog. Thanks!


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