Thing No 11: Web conferencing and communication tools

I hadn’t used LYNC before coming to ACU but it seems to work well, I’ve used Skype a bit while travelling, obviously the quality of that experience varies greatly according to the internet connection. But it’s free! Ok for personal communication but in a work situation clear and reliable communication is essential.

Something Ned Potter said in a recent blog post was relevant to all of this talk about communication: So if you have a set of views, and you find others who share them, then you can DEVELOP those views rather have your rough edges smoothed off and your rebellion derailed... So I don’t think we can really bemoan our fragmented profession – in a way it should always have been like this, but people couldn’t find each other so easily before. 

I also just read that: The open source web conferencing system, BigBlueButton, has been made available within MoodleCloud sites with a seamless integration in the Moodle platform making it simple to open a quick session for up to 6 users with full video, audio, whiteboarding and presentation support.

It seems that integration of these tools together makes a powerful package.


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