Thing No 14: Reference management software

I must say I don’t use any reference management software but need to be able to assist students to use these tools – I’ve pointed people to the handy Libguides for Endnote or Refworks when neccessary.

The limitation of Endnote not being accessible in the ‘cloud’ seems to have been addressed to some extent with Endnote online, but apparently without the same functionality. The upside of that is it’s stability, from all accounts. I’m wondering how often the tools that ACU makes available to students are reviewed, Endnote and Refworks are the tools of choice made available through the website, but there are seemingly new ones coming out all the time?


One thought on “Thing No 14: Reference management software

  1. Interesting comment on whether we review our EndNote/ RefWorks subscriptions…I will ask that question. We have reviewed our databases, so I do not sure why not? I would imagine we stay with EndNote because it is such a standard reference management tool. Introducing another tool may be difficult as researchers research can span so many years? If we were to replace Endnote- migration of EndNote libraries would be of paramount importance!


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