Thing No 22: on the horizon…what more is out there?

My partner loves the Google sky map app on his phone to know which planets/stars are hovering over his head. Aurasma looks great for businesses to value add to their products/experiences. Virtual reality is interesting, it seemed that there was huge interest in the novelty value of things like Second life when that began, but it’s popularity seems to have died. There’s always something new to take the place of currently ‘cool’ things.

Thing No 20: Making and sharing podcasts and videos

I don’t listen to many podcasts, mainly things on ABC radio I’ve only heard bits of while driving. I keep thinking I’ll do more of that when I retire…A friend recommended this TED talk:  and I see it’s been viewed 37,547,046 times. How did people get a message out before the internet?? My 2 student children are avid fans of The Khan academy and I’ve finally got around to looking at it too, as one of the tools in this ‘thing’.

Thing No 19: Screen capture tools

In an organisation like ACU with campuses separated by large distances, some of these tools are great for training videos. Jing looks easy to use, sounds like Captivate is good too. My partner is a university lecturer with online students and has to sometimes create videos for them, some of these tools would be helpful.